The World of Sanskrit ॥ यत्र विश्वं भवति एकनीडम् ॥

“ Sanskrit is a beautiful language. It has enriched our society from time immemorial. Today many nations are trying to research Sanskrit writings which are there in our ancient scriptures.
- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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  1. General sites on Sanskrit Language
  2. Sanskrit Dictionaries
  3. Sanskrit Corpus
  4. Devnagri Fonts & Translators
  5. Sanskrit Educational Instituts in India and abroad
  6. Sanskrit Conferences
  7. Indological Departments and Resources out of India
  8. Sanskrit Sites and blogs of Individual Schlolars
  9. Sanskrit Courses and Workshops
  10. Indo-European Linguistics
  11. Sanskrit Software, Electronic teaching aids to Sanskrit
  12. Sanskrit on Indian Traditional Sites
  13. Sanskrit in the Press
  14. Sanskrit in the Indian Parliament and Government
  15. Sanskrit on the WEB
  16. Miscellaneous Web documents relevant to Sanskrit
  17. Sanskrit recordings
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Sanskrit software, Electronic teaching aids to Sanskrit

·         Sanskrit Engine Site

·         Sanskrit Morphology Generator

·         Sanskrit Lemmatizer

·         ]Sanskrit Reader

·         Amba Kulkarni's analyser, IIIT Hyderabad

·         Dhaturatnakara.h by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha

·         Sanskrit Tools from TDIL for Windows

·         Sanskrit Subanta Recognizer and Analyzer from JNU

·         Sanskrit Tinanta Generator from JNU

·         Ganakashtadhyayi by Dr Shivamurthy Swamiji, Taralabalu Kendra, Bangalore

·         Acharya from IIT Madras

·         The Sanskrit Reader of Oliver Hellwig at Freie Universität Berlin

·         Its associated software and tagged corpus

·         The Paninian System of Sanskrit Grammar by Anand Mishra

·         Audio files for Pr Deshpande's Samskrta-Subodhini Sanskrit Primer

·         The Sanskrit Tutor of Sudhir Kaicker at JNU

·         John Smith's utility programs (format conversion)

·         Tools and Materials for Home-Study of Sanskrit

·         Learn Sanskrit page by Himanshu Pota

·         The Paninian Grammar through its Examples

·         The Sanskrit Declension Trainer from Leipzig by Michael Bunk

·         Sandhi program according to Laghu Siddhanta by Chetan Pandey

·         A Sanskrit tutor by the Chitrapur math

·         A translator between Sanskrit and English

·         Indian Language Converter by Vijay Lakshminarayanan

·         Liberation Philology Software

·         An Analytical Cross Referenced Sanskrit Grammar by Lennart Warnemyr

·         Recitations of grammatical paradigms recorded by Timothy C. Cahill

·         An introductory course based on Srila Jiva Gosvami's grammar (downloadable pdf, 60 pages)

·         Initiation au sanskrit par Guillaume Jacques (downloadable pdf, 21 pages)

·         Discover Sanskrit site

·         The Spiritual Seeker's Essential Guide to Sanskrit, by Dennis Waite (downloadable pdf, 161 ages)

·         The Devanagari Animated Calligraphy page of Claude-Alice Marillier

·         Ukindia Sanskrit Lessons

·         Sanskrit Alphabet help

General Sites

·         The Indology Site

·         Sanskrit Studies Links

·         Sanskrit Forum

·         International Association of Sanskrit Studies

·         Sanskrit Page, Omniglot


Sanskrit Corpus

·         The Sanskrit Library

·         The Clay Sanskrit Library

·         Somadeva's Electronic texts site

·         Sanskrit Manuscripts, U. of Pennsylvania Library

·         Digital South Asia Library, U. of Chicago

·         Digitalisierte Werke auf dem Felde der Indologie

·         Sanskrit Texts and Stotras

·         Indian Heritage site at CDAC

·         Gita Supersite

·         Jambudvipa site of Paolo Magnone

·         Muktabodha site of Indological Research Institute

·         Sanskrit Classical Literature

·         Apte's Student's Guide to Sanskrit Composition

·         Laghu Sanskrita Digital Corpus, Riga

·         Indica et Buddhica

·         GRETIL e-library introduction

·         Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages

·         Indologie Text archiv, Universit\"at Z\"urich

·         Indologia e Tibetologia (Roma)

·         Ancient Sanskrit Online by Karen Thomson and Jonathan Slocum at University of Texas

·         Washington University's Early Buddhist Manuscripts project

·         Les 108 Upanishads

·         Vedic litterature at Maharishi University of Management

·         Rigveda pdf edition by Keith Briggs

·         Digital Library of India, IISc Bangalore

·         Digital Library of India, IIIT Hyderabad

·         Russian Digital Library of Indian Philosophy

·         Pandanus Sanskrit e-Texts (Prague)

·         Sankara site from IIT Kanpur

·         Gaudiya Grantha Mandira

·         Stotras from

·         Academy for Ancient Texts

·         Mahabhasya in Intratext

·         Sanskrit Collections of the British Library

·         Guide to manuscript libraries in India

·         Rare Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts

·         Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

·         The Plants of Kaalidaasa's Meghaduuta


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