The World of Sanskrit ॥ यत्र विश्वं भवति एकनीडम् ॥

Sanskrit is a beautiful language. It has enriched our society from time immemorial. Today many nations are trying to research Sanskrit writings which are there in our ancient scriptures.
- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Sanskrit Daily News Paper in Western India

Sanskrit newspaper launched in Vadodara

Gujarat Assembly Speaker Ashok Bhatt launched Western India's first daily Sanskrit newspaper 'Sanskrit Vartaman Patram' here. The newspaper was launched on Sunday amidst a huge gathering of dignitaries and Sanskrit students from M S University and Somnath Sanskrit University. Speaking on the occasion, Bhatt lauded the efforts of the editorial board and said their objective should be to cater to everyone in the society including scholars who desire to read newspaper in the language they love.

The newspaper, which has already hit the stands, caters to Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and Union Territory of Diu, Daman and Dadra Nagar Haveli. Priced at Rs 1.50, the four-page daily will be published from here and cover local, national and international news and the annual subscription is Rs 500, Editor Praful Purohit said.

M L Wadekar, Director, Oriental Institute of M S University and one of the members on the Editorial Board said that after receiving a good response to the pilot copy of this newspaper, they decided to launch it. For enabling its readers to understand the language, the paper will include glossary of Sanskrit words translated in Gujarati, Hindi, English and other languages, he said.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi in a message said such efforts should be made to revive the glory of the world's oldest language and further it. Bhagyesh Jha, Secretary, Youths Culture and Sports, Gujarat government said the launch of a daily in Sanskrit is a positive beginning to popularise the language in the state.

Vadodara, Jul 26

Sanskrit in school of London

Sanskrit is being taught in a school of London.

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Sanskrit in London School

Tangible evidence from a foreign country on "Why to study Sanskrit?"

British School Makes Sanskrit Compulsory

In the heart of London, a British school has made Sanskrit compulsory subject for its junior division because it helps students grasp math, science and other languages better.

"This is the most perfect and logical language in the world, the only one that is not named after the people who speak it.  Indeed the word itself means 'perfected language." --Warwick Jessup, Head, Head, Sanskrit department.

"The Devnagri script and spoken Sanskrit are two of the best ways for a child to overcome stiffness of fingers and the tongue," says Moss.  "Today's European languages do not use many parts of the tongue and mouth while speaking or many finger movements while writing, whereas Sanskrit helps immensely to develop cerebral dexterity through its phonetics."

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Launching of Sanskrit Version of Gujarat CM Mr. narendra Modi's Website

For promoting Sanskrit, Gujrat's Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has launched Sanskrit Version of his Website.

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